Keep your business finances under control
Finmap is your dashboard for making smart business decisions

Saves you at least 2
hours a week


Automates your
financial routine


Makes cash flow simple and understandable without
financial knowledge


Minimizes the risk of
human error and fraud

Make smart decisions based on analytics

Our service generates easy-to-understand reports based on your data. There are no long and complicated tables requiring manually entered formulas.

It’s enough to open “Analytics”, select the desired report, get a complete picture of your business and understand the details with flexible data filtering.

Automate cash flow management in your business

Connect your bank account and all payments will be displayed automatically. Finmap integrates with 2000+ banks worldwide, PayPal, Wise, Revolut, and Western Bid allowing you to not lose any of your transactions.

Keep track of your account statements in one place

Finmap displays on one page all your business’ money in accounts, cards, cash or e-wallets.
Data is updated in real time by any filters.

Plan for future payments and prevent money shortages

The Payment Calendar will show you how much money your business will have tomorrow, next week, next month etc.

If your expenses are higher than your account balance, Finmap will alert you to the risk of a cash gap and give you time to prevent it.

Control your customers' debts and your business' debts

The “Accounts receivable” and “Accounts payable” reports show everything you owe to your counterparties and creditors, as well as who owes what and how much.

You will stop losing payments and will be able to prevent situations involving missed payments.

Delegate work to employees via the access system

Finmap allows you to choose which information the employee can add and view.

History of all actions in the service is stored, so no one can cancel or return operations without a trace.

Users comments about Finmap Features
Recruiting Company Storypoint

“In the past, if we sometimes made transactions and forgot to enter them in the table. Now all the transactions we do are connected to Finmap making it very convenient”.

Consulting company Intelligent System

“The payment calendar helped us plan income and expenses in order to understand whether or not we had a cash deficit and where. This gave us time to react and prevent such a situation”.

Manufacturing business KLEI

“Finmap addressed the weaknesses we had in understanding, organizing, and managing finances. Everything here is simple: you login and here is your window with accounts, here is your balance, here is your monthly report”.

Language services agency Present Perfect

“I tried to manage my finances in Google spreadsheets, but it takes a lot of time. It’s not only time consuming to manually enter all the names and data, but wasn’t an efficient use of my time. As a result I would try to speed up the process by eliminating some data, but that meant I had less information in analyzing my business’ finances. Plus from the phone in Excel and even in Google tables are not convenient for entering data”.

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