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Using our service, you will see the true state of your business and understand how to make more money

Control all incomes.


Know all future payments and expenses in advance.


Avoid cash gaps.


Understand book balances at the end of a day.


Automatically track all transactions from 2800+ banks in incomes and expenses.


Easily analyze funds and profits through clear, concise, graphs.


Track expenses by categories, contractors and counterparties.


Collect all data and transactions on different projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It only takes one minute for you to add a company in Finmap.

The registration is short and simple:  

  1. Enter your email (for data security, this must be an email address that you have access to)
  2. Enter a password (any, at your discretion)
  3. Add your phone number

That’s it. The account has been created😊

You do not have to fill out lengthy forms or provide official business data. Finmap doesn’t need this, which also helps us keep our users’ data secure and private.

Finmap ensures the confidentiality of your data and secure control of all bank accounts and financial services. We explain in more detail about how we provide security at 3 levels — infrastructure, technical and legal — l in our security guide.

Finmap is a tool for cash flow management, not accounting. It was created primarily for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and CFO’s.

Cash flow management VS Accounting: what is the difference


  • The state determines accounting rules;
  • For most people reading and analyzing accounting reports is complicated and requires special knowledge.

Cash flow management:

  • Specifies data for each product, department, and business directions;
  • Is mainly used for understanding what the company’s further actions should be.

Finmap will help you manage your business cash flow, receive and analyze essential information, and make informed management decisions. For example, with just a couple of clicks, you will have up-to-the-minute data on the financial situation of your business in the form of clear and convenient dashboards.

Now Finmap has 2800+ integrations with banks (including European banks) and services around the world.

Among them are integrations with Payoneer, PayPal, Wise, Revolut, Western Bid, and Hubstaff services.

We are constantly working on increasing the number of integrations for Finmap users. So if you did not find the bank or service you need, text us, and we will offer a solution.

In Finmap, you can manage cash flow for several companies simultaneously.

There are 2 options:

  1. You can run them as two separate projects within one common company. It will allow you to track the dynamics of their development with each other and check which project is more profitable.

    To add a project, go to Settings in the top right corner in your account → then go to Projects → click «Add Project».

    There is no extra charge for adding separate projects. Usually, this option is suitable for small businesses.

  2. If you have several medium-sized businesses with their own internal projects, it is better to create separate companies in Finmap.

    To add a new Company, click «Settings» in the upper right corner → Select «All Companies» → add a new one.

    Please note that each new account must be paid separately, according to the selected plan.

You can easily grant access to your employees/partners/investors. The cost of the service will not change. You can also choose:

  • What data the user can add
  • What they are allowed to view
  • What data will be completely inaccessible, even for viewing

For example, it is possible for your employees to add transactions, but not see analytics and reports. You can also configure the service so that an employee can’t see the data added by their colleagues.

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Finmap founders have combined their experience and expertise to develop a modern financial culture and help entrepreneurs develop their businesses in new ways.


Serial entrepreneur, speaker of Unit School of Business, LABA, Startup Ukraine

Business models, strategy, team building


IT-entrepreneur, co-founder of BusinessLab and Pix.backpack

Cash flow management, business processes, financial models


Co-founder of monobank, Smartass, Checkbox

Mass IT products, marketing, strategy


User Case Studies from entrepreneurs and CFO's who use Finmap

4.5+ mln

Transactions processed by Finmap


Countries where businesses manage their cash flows with Finmap


Customers recommend us to colleagues and partners

4.5+ mln

Transactions processed by Finmap


Countries where businesses manage their cash flows with Finmap


Customers recommend us to colleagues and partners

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