How to conduct systematic cash flow management if the company has several different areas of activity: the case of a business that combines offline and online

Bogdan Puzansky is Chief Financial Officer Handles all financial matters in Anita Solovey’s businesses Uses Finmap for record-keeping Loves order in finances and anticipating Anita’s creative ideas The businesses in question in the case study: Instagram of apartment rental company Be My Guest: @bemyguest.kyiv Instagram of Live.Here.Hotel: Orange Blogger’s Way Online Camp Anita Soloway’s […]

How to grow by 150% in one year, even during a pandemic, by setting up sound financial managment: the case of a building company

Nikolaj Mostovoy – 16 years entrepreneurial experience, 3 years doing business in Poland.He is engaged in construction, retail and provision of services.Certified financier.Loves to help other entrepreneurs become more efficient and orderly with money. Intelligent System, Warsaw – Nikolaj’s consultancy company that helps entrepreneurs with strategic planning, creation of financial models, pricing, marketing and everything […]

How to keep track of finances in a small business: user case of Present Perfect Agency

Present Perfect Agency is a language services agency that helpsbusinesses with translations, support, business documentation and everything related to languages. Website: @present.perfect.translations Elena Mironik is the founder and head of Present Perfect Agency.She first used Finmap while working for an IT recruiting agency.In her business she has been keeping track of finances in Finmap since […]

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